~*Princess Priscilla*~ (princesscilla) wrote,
~*Princess Priscilla*~

Just checking in with livejournal! Yet again, its been way to long! I should be doing homework but this seemed more fun! Yes you heard right.. homework!! I am finally going back to school after taking 5 years off! This past year has been a crazy one!!

Last March my dad met a lady named Star and after being together for only 3 months they got married. I gained a step-mom, 23 year old step-brother, 15 year old step-brother, and 7 year old step-sister. With him getting married, I was forced to move out. I could not afford my own place so I moved in with my grandparents! I have been there for almost a year now! Last August I decided to quit my job at the childcare center. I was there for almost 2 years and loved it there. I finally wanted to go back to school, so I did! I am going online through University of Phoenix and getting my BS in Human Services/Management. Its alot of work but I am happy to be back. I am a part time nanny currently for 3 different families! It keeps me busy but I love it! So I have moved, quit my job, and gone back to school. At the end of the month my mom is moving to Vegas.. She wants to get away from the rainy Washington weather! We are going to miss her, but I know she needs to go!

My niece Skyler just turned 12!! Hard to believe! She is a beautiful and funny girl! She is becoming a teenager and keeps her parents on her toes! My nephew Tanner is almost 4! He is crazy, adorable, and super funny! He keeps us busy! On Nov. 15th my sister gave birth to another beautiful baby boy! Collin Chase is almost 6 months old! He is the love of my life and the sweetest little boy ever! My oldest nephew, Corwyn is 17 now! Crazy!! I love these kids and have so many other kids in my life!!

I am 25 now! Hard to believe! Still single! lol.. maybe that will change someday! haha Life is pretty good, I guess! Lets see what else... I was almost done with with being a foster parent, but then my dad decided to get married. I was heart broken to have to end the process, but it obviously wasnt the right time! Oh and to top off all the new family that we have gained in the past year, we just added two more members! My dad and step-mom have temp custody of 2 of Stars cousins kids! A 4 year old girl and a 1 year old boy! So I suddenly am a big sister with lots of little siblings! lol

I hope everything is going well with all of you still on my friends list!! If any of you have a twitter please feel free to follow me.. my username is Priscilla1222! I guess this is it for now! See yall in a year I guess! haha Love yall and God Bless <3
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