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So I got up early cause I was going to take a shower, but then I decided not to... so I figured since I have the time, I should update this!! Im heading into town today for Alannas baptism so that should be fun!!

Okay so lets talk about my summer!! 2 amazing things that happened this summer was that both Celestina and Shellie had their beautiful babies. On May 17th Miss Alanna came into this world! She is such a beautiful baby and I love her so much! Shes now at the age where shes smiling and laughing, so shes alot of fun! Then on June 27th, Thomas James entered this world! Unfortunatly he wasnt doing to good at first, so he spend his first month in the hospital. But now he is doing great and he is such a cutie! We joke that Alanna and Thomas are going to go to prom together!! hehe!

Basically I worked the summer away, which is sad but at least for the most part it was fun! I was usually in the infant room all day. We had to say goodbye to Kate when she moved away which was extremely sad, but her replacement has become a really good friend of mine. My babies are doing great! 3 of my boys are moving up to the toddler room and Im going to miss them, but they will do great up there! Anne and I carpooled to work occasionally, not to much though cause we usually had something else going on. Just recently we lost another co-worker who is going to Italy and that was way to sad... I cried :/ Her and I have been closing since I started and now Im not going to have anyone to complain to or talk to. Yeah, Im not happy about this!

Lets see... what else went on this summer? Vacation Bible School was a blast! I did first grade with Lindsey and Krista. We had almost 30 kids, so it got hectic but they were really good! We had alot of fun during that week. Another fun thing I did was I went to Silverwood for the first time!! It was alot of fun and we enjoyed going on all the rides and playing in the water. I got a sunburn out of that one! lol

I think thats all the big things that I did this summer, pathletic huh? Oh well, it was still a good summer.. I made some money, hung out with lots of people, and slept! hehe. I also did some littler stuff that isnt mentioned above which was alot of fun, but I dont feel like thinking about every little thing I did.

Now Im back at school and I couldnt be more happy!! It is so nice to be back :) Whitney and I are having a blast living together and our room looks super cute!! I have a crazy life right now, but Im starting to adjust. My MWF schedule looks like this... Work 6:15-8:15, then come back here and go to class from 9-12. Then I get an hour break so that I can eat some lunch. My last class is from 1-1:50. Then I get to go back to work from 2:30-6:45. Once I get off work I usually juss come back to my room and sit online or do homework or go to Anne/Stacey/Nicoles apartment! Those days are crazy! TTH are alittle less busy.. I go to work 6:15-8:15, then get a little break in between. I only have one class from 9:30-10:50. Then I dont work until 12:30-6:45! Crazy huh? Oh and with all that I wake up at 5 every morning!!

My first full weekend back has been a blast so far! But I need to go get ready now, so I will update about it when the weekend is over!! Sorry this is long, but Im glad I finally got to write it! Have a great day! Love yall and God Bless
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