~*Princess Priscilla*~ (princesscilla) wrote,
~*Princess Priscilla*~

I cant wait to go back to school!! Only a couple weeks left! I wasnt quite sure if i was going to be able to go back because I owe alot more money than I thought... but thankfully I got a loan from my bank!!! Im juss excited to be living back in the dorms and not having to drive 45 minutes to work everday! It will also be nice having the internet 24/7 again! I havent updated this thing like at all this summer because I never get the time! And I know I have missed out on so much of everyones lifes!

My summer has been alright! I work and work and work... but I <3 my kids so its all worth it in the end! We went to Silverwood a couple of weekends ago and that was fun! But this is all I can write for now! I promice I will write more later! Love yall and God Bless
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