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It's been awhile....

Hello livejournal!! Where have you been lately? Lol kidding! I have been spending the past couple nights reading past entries and it makes me smile! I was such a crazy and energetic kid.. I'm suprised I actually had friends on here that read about my life!! Seems like life is going by to fast, ya know? I just downloaded the livejournal app for my iPhone so maybe I will try and update more often! Though if you do want to be updated on my life feel free to add me on facebook! Just tell me who ya are and I will add you!!

So for the past 2 years I updated once a year... Sad!! I didn't even update on my birthday last year which I have done every year since I got this in 2001 I beleive!!! I know I used to write about stupid and pointless things, but it's so fun to read now and see how I spent my days in high school!! Sorry if this post has spelling errors... It's hard to type on my phone lol.

So where to start? I have been at my current job for 10 months now! I work in the baby room and for the most part I love it! The people I work with are nice! Some of the kids drive me crazy sometimes but I just remind myself that they are babies and it's their way of life to cry alot!! Haha I still miss my friends and kids at Kindercare!! Hard to beleive I haven't been there for almost a year. I try and visit as often as I can though! It's fun seeing how much the kids have grown and catching up with all the girls that work there!! I loved my job down there but I am so glad that I am closer to home now!!

I still live in Puyallup with my dad!! We are doing good! Except we don't have internet or cable so that sucks!! Lol! I loved living in Lacey but I just couldn't afford to live on my own anymore! Plus I love being closer to my family! I can't wait though until I'm able to be on my own again though, cause I loved that!! I will let you in on a little secret though... Ya don't make much money working in child care!! Haha plus I still have 3 more years of car payments so that doesn't help!! Did I tell you I got a new car a couple years back? It's a 2008 Nissan sentra and I love it!!!

I don't babysit as much anymore!! I was babysitting practically every night, but now I hardly ever do! I love all my regular kids though and am sad I don't get to see them much anymore, but things change!!

My niece, Skyler, is 10 years old now!! She is becoming a handful but I love her so much!! My nephew, Tanner just turned 2!! He is the cutest and funniest kid you could ever meet!! He talks so much and just brightens my life!! I also have a little girl, Kaylee who is a big part of my life! She started at Kindercare when she was 5 weeks and has been my princess since!! She is 4 now and still an absolute doll! I have such amazing kids in my life :)

So let's see... Let's talk about what I'm into now adays! I'm 23 now!! Crazy, I know!! My tv shows are... One tree hill, Kate plus 8, secret life of an American teenager, american idol, and 19 kids and counting!! I mainly listen to country music!! Carrie Underwood is still my fav and I just saw her a couple weeks ago for the third time in concert!! I am a twilight fan!! I tried not to be, but once ya start reading the books it's hard to stop!!

I am trying to figure out what to do with my life.. I know God has a plan for being, it's just hard being patient, trying to figure out what it is!! I am thinking about becoming a foster parent! I'm also thinking I need to go back to school! It's hard being grown up! Sometimes I wish I could just go back to my carefree life!! It's okay though, things will work themselves out!!

As for my summer... I'm helping with the astra church play again this year!! On Aug. 7th my sister, Lindsey is getting married!! We are excited! And the last week of aug i'm going on a road trip to Cali!! Whoohoo I can't wait!!!

Okay well I just felt the need to write... So I did!! Sorry if this took up your friends page cause it's so long.. Though I never write, so I'm sure you will forgive me!! Haha I miss you guys and will try and start updating more often!! But this is it for now!! Love yall and God Bless

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