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I didnt fall off the face of the earth!!! haha

Wow.. its been along time. I was just reading some past entries and realized that yesterday was the 7 year mark since I created this journal.. unfortunatly in the past 2 years I've updated maybe 10 times, if even. I guess my life took over me lol and I didnt have time to update or I just didnt feel like it. But here I am now, with lots of time to fill the livejournal world in on my life.

So where do I even start??? I moved back to Puyallup this past December. I am living with my dad, near all my family. After alot of deep thought, I stopped going to Saint Martins... at times I miss it, but I know that it wasnt where I wanted to be at the time. Plus it was rather expensive. Fall semester last year I took an online class through South Puget Sound Community College. I took last semester off and now this September I am going to be taking some online classes to get my CDA, then I need to focus on finishing my general AA because I am only a few classes short....

I am working full-time. Im still at the same place, Kindercare. This Novemeber will mark my 3 year mark. Its unbelievable. I have watched kids go from infants to 3 years old. I am now the infant room teacher again and have been in there since December. I love my babies! My co-teacher and I get along well and have fun working together! Kindercare definently has its ups and downs but I cant quite leave it yet. I know I have to though because I am having to make the commute from Puyallup to Lacey and with gas prices going up I wont be able to afford it much long! I love my job and most of the people that work there.

On June 4, 2008 my sister had my handsome nephew, Tanner Austin! He is such a beautiful baby and I love him with all my heart!! I just cant believe he is almost 3 months already!  Skyler is already 8!! That kid is growing faster than I know!! She is such a happy and positive little girl and I love her so much! Corwyn, my nephew, is 13 already! Sadly I dont see him much, but I still love him and hope he is doing great!!!

This past summer I was apart of an amazing show at my Church called Anything Goes. Its a tap-dancing musical! It was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had! I have never acted before and I didnt really have to much in this play.. I just had to dance alot and I loved it! I met so many amazing people and had an absolute blast! I also bought a new car this summer!!! Last weekend actually!!! Its a blue 2008 Nissan Sentra!! I love it!!!!

I have gone to so many weddings this past year!!! Since last September, I've gone to 5 and my 6th and final one for the year is next Saturday! It makes me feel old watching all of my friends get married! My best friend got married in November and I was her maid of honor!! It was a fun experience!!

Lots of babies were born this year!!! I love them all and am having fun watching them grow up!! The most recent baby is my God-Son! My best friend, Anne had a handsome baby boy, Marcelo Luis, on Aug. 10th!!! He is so cute!!! Love him and all the babies!!!

hmm... its been so long since I last updated Im trying to remember... oh another awesome thing is that I went to Arizona last January to visit some friends and their new baby!!! It was so fun!! I wish I could go back!! Im going to Disneyworld in Decemer with my family for my moms 50th birthday!! Im so excited!!!

Okay well I think that is about it for now!! I would say I will update soon, but I cant promise that!! I will end by saying that I am happy with my life right now!!! Things are honestly going great for me!!! I hope everything is going well for you all too!

Love yall and God Bless
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